What Makes Vietnamese food special?

We give you a unique inside view to the traditional style of Vietnamese cooking, renowned for its combination of 5 taste senses and use of the freshest local ingredients, making it the best and healthiest cuisine in the world ...Read more

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Best Cooking Class Nha Trang

Learn about Vietnamese food and cooking with Chef Dat Quoc Phan, from the SameSame But Different Cafe in Nha Trang. Chef Dat is well known on the Nha Trang restaurant scene for both his cooking skills and his ability to transfer some of his remarkable talents to eager students. Dat's excellent English skills will ensure a smooth, easy and educational day. Using fresh ingredients and concocting imaginative flavors, this is a fun and interesting way to learn about the local cuisine. Enjoy a unique, hands-on cooking experience from start to finish in preparing some fabulous and traditional Vietnamese dishes.As part of your culinary adventure you will also be given detailed recipes, so when you arrive back home, you will be able to impress your family and friends (and yourself) with some great Vietnamese food.